August 28, 2009 at 1:24 PM (Rambles)

Cute and Fluffy

Cute and Fluffy

Can a doggy pose? Like for real? Trust me this doggy sure can!!

Just hold up a camera, and shoot away. The doggy will do the rest. It’s like she knows her picture is taken and she has to do a perfect pose.

Joke of the day:
A little girl of three plus was brought to the restaurant to dine by her mother. A waitress waiting the table asked the little girl what her name was. Staring back at the waitress with innocent kiddy eyes, she replied “BIG BAD WOLF!”

Was the little girl naming herself BIG BAD WOLF? Or was she actually implying that the waitress who happens to be a stranger is equivalent to be labeled BIG BAD WOLF?

Go figure! Kid ain’t telling nobody. It’s her precious secret.

Kids immaginations are the most innocent, pure, funny, mind-boggling thing anyone would ever encounter. My niece is adorable.



Bear on Mountain

Bear on Mountain

Well the picture says it all. Well at least to me the mountain of oranges is hilarious.

Head is throbbing with pain for no apparent reason, throat is irritating me simultaneously. What’s wrong with me????

P.S Robert Pattinson looks good in Harry Potter but so not in Twilight! Urgh


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