What makes it worth it?

August 31, 2009 at 9:28 AM (Rambles)

Hey guys, how have all of you been?? Pretty busy?? Bored?? Restless?? Lucky??

Anyway why can’t things always just work out the way you want them too? Like the other night at a friends’s surprise party. He was supposed to be home at twelve from a dinner with some other friends while we trashed his room, put up strings across the room and clip them with photos, stuff newspaper under his quilt n finally when he is back throw water balloons at him as well as other things which i prefer not to mention.

Sounds like a perfectly planned simple surprise party? Well think again!!

Firstly, we forgot to get toilet paper to toilet paper his room resulting on using newspapers which seriously didn’t really make that much of an effect.

Secondly, the strings holding the pictures kept falling off the wall due to the useless bluetag (which unfortunately belonged to the birthday boy and which we finished using accidentally) sending pictures crashing to the floor.
Reckon pictures and the clothes spin were too heavy for the effing strings!!! URGH!! As a result the strings had to be tied to the bed and cupboard handles.

Thirdly, his supposedly TWELVE pm return was delayed to TWO am. So we waited in silence as so our voices won’t give us away in case he is right outside and we failed to hear him come home.

Fourthly…. STARVING!!

Life doesn’t always go as plan does it now? Nah i don’t think so. If it did then life would be such a complete and utter bore ain’t it? Unpredictability is the key to all surprises, adventures and mysteries in life. Where would be be without all of them?? Well it is for me to know and for you to find out!!

Despite all the waiting and things going wrong, we all still had heaps of fun and laughed like there was no tomorrow!! Happy smiles and priceless memories from that night is what makes it all worthwhile after all. Knowing that there are no recreations even if we belief with all our soul.

Wanna put up pictures from that night, but guess what? Not gonna happen as planned…. as usual!!

Friends not online, pictures are with him, it’s not uploaded, have to wait!! Bummer..

Oh well, promise it will be up in the next post.. Lurves


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