September 1, 2009 at 3:23 PM (Rambles)

Hey living breathing souls of the world….

What choices have you made today??

Should I wear this or that? What should I eat? What time bus to take? Which way do I walk so I don’t miss the train?

Options options and more options to choose and make. Thoughts running through your mind all the while. What if i chose the wrong one? What if…. what if…. Oh what a tosser!!

Why is it always that i can’t seem to make up my mind? Probably i think too much. Stray too deep into thought that i have the tendency to over think things that are usually not worth that much thinking after all!!

Friends are moving on, traveling the world, sitting in offices, all having found their purpose ‘supposedly’. But seriously and honestly who really does find their purpose in life? Why will we be in university if not for the money? Who would not rather chase their unrealistic dream and keep telling themselves over and over again:

‘Hey it’s okay. It’s okay because you are chasing your dream and living out your hearts desire. What could be worse than that? Who’s gonna stop you now? It’s yours!’

People keep snapping me out of my reverie when i tell them i believe in folklore’s, fairy tale creatures, myths, witchcraft and the impossible. The impossible that might actually just come true if you believe it enough!! Bloody hell did i get a hard slap on the face when my idea bubble got pricked and contradicted!!

Well does it hurt so bad to just have some faith in yourself and believe that whatever you deem impossible could be possible even if other people around you don’t see it??

How can there be so many evil doings and sad days all around the world and you still get to see pure things like these and not believe / have faith?;

A picture of perfection

A picture of perfection

Picture taken by me while in a moving vehicle. A snap of beautiful luck!!

A Full Rainbow

A Full Rainbow

Never before have i seen such a full, complete rainbow like that before positioned above the meadows.. Picture also taken by me in the car  =)

Dreams versus reality.. Who will eventualy win I wonder???

I secretly have the faith that dreams will eventually win =)


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