What a Teary Day

September 6, 2009 at 9:54 AM (Rambles)

Hey friends of the virtual world..

How ya guys doing? Whatcha been up to over the weekend?? Fathers Day today!!

Weird how Fathers Day is celebrated in September in Australia while fathers day in other parts of the world is celebrated in July hmmmm.. Oh well…

Attended a close family friend’s funeral yesterday. Couldn’t stop tear ducts from producing tears. Heard some bawling and sniffling and choking (coughing). Well guess that’s what you would get at funerals eh? I for one am not good at holding back tears at all. Too sensitive and more often than not my mind tends to stray and think of weird stuff.. Why? I still don’t know!!

Been trying to do this thing where you look into space just as your tears are about to fall and you open your eyes as wide as possible and stare and stare till your eyes get dry. Thus, tears will not fall but simply evaporated. LOL ok gosh didn’t realise it sounded so weird till i typed it out and read it to myself. But yeah i bet some of you would have tried it at least once or twice eh? I tried it a couple of times and most of the time it works. But the other times well new tears are produced faster than the prior ones could evaporate thus overflowing and what do you get…..TADA TEARS!!!

Got so emotional last night especially when my cousins played the violin and cello one last time for her. Sad how i couldn’t go up there and play the piano along as we always do for her when she was alive. Being a professional pianist herself, she would have loved to have heard the sounds of a piano there but unfortunately there wasn’t a piano there for me to play. Couldn’t stop crying when they played the Forest Gump Feather Theme song. Just brought back so many many memories of us in the living room playing those tunes for her and now the realization just hit me that we no longer can play for her anymore. Always amazed at how music affects me and moves me all the time.
In future when my fingers touch the keys of my piano i would definately be thinking of her!!

Every end is a new begining
No looking back, no denying
Never be afraid of sleeping
Never be afraid of  waking
Never be afraid of crying
Never be afraid of laughing
Fret not memories would be forgotten
Safely in our hearts and minds it will stay,
Forever and always,
Our path in life ahead it would beautifully enlighten.
© Brenda

Off to swimming and then bowling. Exciting day ahead!!



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