Mmmmmm Yoghurt!!

September 8, 2009 at 2:58 PM (Rambles)

What a rainy cold day outside!! I want spring with pretty flowers and awesome weather!!

Just had yoghurt for lunch again. Have a weird addiction for yoghurt and when i start i just can’t stop eating it. Especially eating it with cornflakes!!!! =) Don’t understand why people look at me weird when they see me eating it.. It is so deliciously satisfying.

Was watching this show on television last night and they were talking  about an alcoholic gun or smtg on the lines of that. Well basically it is a huge gun looking thing which shoots out alcohol. Something like a spray gun. And they were talking how useful it is as all you have to do is squirt and stuff. Best part was when they started saying:

‘You can even do skulling on the move. Just wind down the window and shout SKULL SKULL SKULL!!!’ People in the opposite car can just open their mouths and get squirted with alcohol!

Gosh don’t know why but that just cracked me up. Starting to enjoy Blackadder more and more too esp since it is starring Rowan Atkinson. Why oh why do people find things oh so funny??

Anyway will be watching Inglorious Bastards at 6 with my comedy research mates. Have to watch it to analyze black humour and how cruelty and violence can actually result in laughter. Oh the uncomfortableness of it all. So far been getting quite good reviews of the show from my friends. So my expectations are quite high at the moment. Don’t wanna be disappointed!!

I just love stuff that cracks me up don’t you??


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