Inglorious Bastards!!!!!

September 9, 2009 at 12:44 PM (Rambles)

One Word…. Sadistic

Unbelievably, emotionally, sadly funny!!!! I seriously feel like a sadist laughing at the cruelty of what is gong on in front of me… The Nazi symbol carving, the scalping of the scalp, the gun shooting scene in the pub…

Quentin Tarantino is such a brilliant risk taker. How many people would even have the guts to remake a World War 2 movie and actually turn it into a dark comedy? I mean seriously, the way he makes you sit there and laugh at such extreme cruelty which people will usually cringe or gasp is just mind boggling.

Really admire the brilliance in which he makes me question why am i laughing at something so violently gruesome and cruel and feel minimal sympathy for. Having watched so many World War two documentaries and movies before i’ve never once felt the ability to laugh until Inglorious Bastards. Really want to watch the movie again so that this time i can focus on stuff that i didn’t notice the first time round!!

Wanna watch ‘The good The bad and The ugly’ or should i say, Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo!!!! With Clint Eastwood in it.. Awesome!! Have to search for the movie though.

Been watching Blackadder on the Comedy channel. Rowan Atkinson is just so brilliant in there!!! Is that what made him famous?? I wonder.. It was way before Mr. Bean ani’t it??

Getting really frustrated with this internet connection… Can’t even have a proper chat on msn without it getting disconnected all the time!! Ok i’m sorry but i really couldn’t be bothered signing into it now!!

Watched Tuesday’s With Morrie after the long awaited search for the movie since high school. Not as good as the book obviously but still loved the movie though although it brought me to tears =(

Also watched Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn. Just love all her movies.. Hmm what a weird genre of movies i’ve been watching!!

Got to go get some pictures from my friend later today and speaking of pictures i’ve yet to upload my Tasmania pictures onto Facebook. It has been put off for quite some time now.. Hmmm

Anyway let me just put some random photos up for you..
My new found calling

My new found calling

Was so bored that i started making stuff with wooden blocks at some hotel (can’t remember the name unfortunately)..

Ayiana with her duck

Ayiana with her duck

My froggy

My froggy

Was playing with my cousin and we started getting creative!!

My beloved cuzzie and I

My beloved cuzzie and I

Cuzzie going to UK to study in two weeks time. Oh how time flies. Gonna miss you loads buddy!!

Miss cuddling you

Miss cuddling you

Miss the beach and sound of waves =(

Miss the beach and sound of waves =(

Don’t you just love the beach and be amazed at how the sound of waves can soothe you and drift you away from reality even if it is for a few minutes?? Wanna go to the beach =(

Okay i think this is too long a post..



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