Identity Crisis!!

September 20, 2009 at 2:12 PM (Rambles)

Hey friends of the virtual world!!!

Sorry for a moment of dry spell there. Had too many things on my mind that sadly i couldn’t funtion properly… Well it’s just one of those days.. Or should i say one of those ‘period of times’…

I was looking through my pictures for the fun of it and memories of my happiest days resurected in my mind again! Don’t you just love looking at old photos and try to put yourself into that exact day and feeling all over again?? It’s like relieving the past!! And sometimes when you feel like nothing is going right and everything in the world is ugly, one look at all those beautiful pictures will make you take one step back and say “Hang on, i remember this moment in time where the music is perfect and i feel loved. Loved by all the friends and family around me!”
Beautiful 21st cupcake surprise just as I landed in Malaysia <3
Beautiful 21st cupcake surprise just as I landed in Malaysia ❤
What awesome timing to land the day before my birthday eh??
Brownie Indulgence!!
Brownie Indulgence!!
Chocolate, ice cream and all things fat!!
Chocolate, ice cream and all things fat!!
Spent the afternoon at New Zealand Natural with my best friend just indulging in all things fat, relaxing and catching up!! What could beat that??
Awesome awesome chocolate!
Awesome awesome chocolate!
Superbly satisfying hot chocolate at Williamstown!! Would love to go back for more =)
Best Day EVER!!
Best Day EVER!!
My Precious!!
My Precious!!
This is definately a day to be relieved over and over again!!! Got squashed, pushed, suffocated, almost blacked out… but all worth it!!

Anyway i think i’m going to have an identity crisis…..

Part 1
It all started at a beach at Mornington where i was playing with my seven year old cousin at the rock pool. When all of a sudden i spotted a cute dog running through the beach coming my way. I was so eager to touch it’s soft whitish brown fur when all of a sudden the doggy changed direction and ran for the waters and started doggy paddling. Appearing on the doggy’s trail was obviously non other than the owner of the dog. She was strolling towards me and we started making conversation when my cousin shouted for me

“Bren Cheah i found a jelly fish. Come look!!” (Bren is a short form for Brenda and Cheah is a chinese term used for older sister)

Well pushing that thought aside, we continued talking, checked out the jellly fish and then suddenly she started calling my BRIDGET!! I didn’t respond for obvious reasons because it bloody well itsn’t my name right?? And well she was looking at me and for one moment there i was just in a state of shock. Things that were going through my mind were:
  • Is she actually calling me or is she calling out to someone behind me?
  • But she is looking directly at me
  • What sould i say? Pardon? Are you calling me? That’s not my name?
  • She is still looking directly at me plus my aunt and her mother in law is looking at me too
  • Did it slip that i actually told her my name was Bridget?
  • Everyone is staring at me
  • I don’t want to be rude and i can’t laugh either, how do i correct her?
Saved by the bell, my cousin told her my name is not Bridget but it is Brenda and she looked slightly embarassed.

Part 2
I attended a birthday party of my aunt’s friend’s two year old boy. I shook hands and greeted the mother and father of the boy and introduced myself ,

“Hi, I’m Brenda. Nice to meet you.”

Well getting over the nerves of the introductory settled, i then strolled into the dining area where i was given plates and told to help myself with food. As i was doing as told, i suddenly heard this

“Would you like some soup Bianca? Bianca? Would you like some soup?”

Thinking that someone new entered the room i whipped my head around to check out the newcomer only to find out that she was staring directly at me!!! I stood rigid, nailed to the floor as i looked back at her anticipating what should be said next. Thinking that i didn’t hear her, she called me again “Bianca…….” I stared at her not knowing how to respond (clearly i’m bad at handling these situations!!) “Bianca?????”

My aunt and uncle started laughing at me and then i walked up to her and said

“I’m Brenda. My name is Brenda.”

Then she apologized profusedly and well all was good. Until another woman came and almost called me Bianca when i hurriedly corrected her before another disaster happened. Well to be honest it is no big deal for getting names wrong, but seriously, i just hate being in the position where people will think i’m rude for not responsing and then i wouldn’t have a clue how to set things straight!! When will be my next wrong name encounter i wonder… Till then…Lurves..

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