October 8, 2009 at 8:41 AM (Rambles)

Well hello my beloved friends….

I’m gonna make this a really short post for a couple of reasons.
  1. I’m drained out of inspiration after writing my short story.
  2. I’ve got to go out in like half and hours time.
  3. I’m not even bloody ready and dressed and presentable.
  4. Too long a post will make you bored of me anyway BAH!!!
Okay wait, before your guys get all freaked out, I’m not Preggy…. I just learnt that my ex-classmate is going to get married next month. Under full disclosure and to avoid defamation, i shall keep names anonymous but then again me telling you it is my ex-classmate may already give you clues as to who I am referring too.

Anyway that’s beside the point. The point is that I can never imagine myself being pregnant at so young an age. Don’t get me wrong, I lurve babies. They are just miracles of life. But my having a kid now is a total no no!! Well i know it is very common nowadays but something’s just not right aye? There is still so much to do and see before you get older and settle down with kids and a family. Well you practically have your whole life to do that family stuff. But now, now we should embrace our twenties and shed off unwanted or uncalled for burdens. I don’t mean to sound nasty, traditional or ancient. But then again congratulations to my friend =). Pray the child be a healthy pretty baby yeah?

So, starying from that random ramble, my friends and me went for lunch and we started talking about the complexities of a girl, guy mind. We came up with heaps of stuff on how girls can multi-task therefore more capable of manipulation. Guys minds on the other hand are fully equiped with little individual boxes where every single information is stored away, isolated from the rest therefore they can’t remember all the little things like girls do. Coz girls are just so sensitive and emotional that they tend to relate everything to their emotions, thus remembering it all more vividly. Now my task is to get more perceptions and views from different types of people and then write it all down in a book. What ya guys think? Interesting read? Or drab and boring (already know) read??

Okay, look at the time!!!! I’ve got to run and run fast I should. Gosh what should I wear today??? Damn the rain, now I can’t wear my heels =( … What a bummer!!!! Boots??? Might get too hot.. Urghh okay closed toe heels it is.. Ok c ya guys.. Lurves!!
P.s see I told you it is short =)

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