October 9, 2009 at 3:47 PM (Rambles)

Do you believe in fairy tales??

Whoops  I mean do you believe in horoscopes?? Well I know I do.

Have you ever got the feeling that most of the time horoscopes are so accurate that they start to scare you? That got me thinking what will happen when there are a couple of people sharing the same birth date? Are they all having the same day as you do; no matter good or bad?

And how true are compatibility horoscopes?

Okay fine, I shall admit that I’m a sucker for horoscopes and sometimes I take them quite personally. And most of the time it is true… Or is it what we programmed our brains to think that it is true?

Sometimes I just hate horoscopes so much because it gave me false hopes and false expectations that I even swore never to read them ever again. But a few days later I find myself crawling back to the horoscopes page again. And now I’m branching into tarot cards, astrology and numerology!!! Gosh I’m a psycho freak!!

Even though it is so, I believe that horoscopes are there for a reason. It is there to give us hope even if it is false. It is there to give us faith that tomorrow will be a good day to look forward too. And most of all it just gives us some sort of comfort that we know what our future holds even if turns out to be bogus.

Lurves =)



  1. Moranna said,

    I might believe in horoscopes if, when consulting them, they all said the same, or even similar!

  2. celestexpress said,

    I’m kinda with you of what your saying about the whole thing , but it could actually make ur mind think that it is true..

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