February 1, 2010 at 8:39 AM (Rambles)

Woke up early this morning because it’s my cousin’s first day of school… So I thought hmm why not do something productive?? So here I am, on the computer, blogging and editing my novel..

So as I was lazing in bed watching my 8 year old cousin getting dressed by her mum (my aunt) in bed and then smelling the freshly baked nuggets coming out of the oven gave me goosebumps. Well I’m not in any way hungry or desperate for nuggets or anything like that, but it just reminded me of my schooling days when I was a kid. My mum would make sure I’m up, (I dress myself) then i wash myself up, get my hair done and off to the kitchen for breakfast. Then I would rush to school in midst of the long line of cars blocking the streets. Such fun; the feeling of meeting old and new friends, the nice smelling air which I could only smell early in the morning, your parents there for you rushing you to school, oh such love and care =) And as I grew bigger I don’t hug my parents as much as I would love to especially before going to school in the morning. What a shame it is!!

Anyway just found out that my niece got herself another dog..

Lucky her.. It is a Chow Chow breed by the way if you are curious. Personally I don’t take much liking to big dogs but all is good. Brownie (the other dog) in the picture on the right is extremely jealous of the new addition to the family. I’m not too sure what the new dog is named but if I’m not mistaken it is named after the dog from the Wizard of Oz – Toto. Funny name for a huge dog who looks like a polar bear. Doesn’t fit right does it? I suggested it to be named Dracula which would be cool but they just laughed it off thinking it was a joke. I even tried to reason with them that it would make other dogs jealous of the name Dracula but still no takers. Oh well, I guess it is up to me now to go back and call the new dog Dracula. And the next big dog in the family will be named Frankenstein!!! Whoop Whoop!!

The Dracula link is real cool by the way. Check it out. Sorry a bit obsessed with Dracula at the moment. The movie was blooming epic. The graphics and the costume and everything was just mind blowingly epic!! I especially loved Dracula’s shadow which has a mind of its own. Watch it if you haven’t. Bram Stoker is a genius. To think that he created the character Van Helsing too only to be misused by Hollywood in the movie Van Helsing. FYI Van Helsing is more of a professor/doctor and he is not dressed in all black with guns and arrows fighting underworld monsters.

Anyway enough of Dracula. I’m so psyched that Federer won his 16th grand slam and his fourth Australian open… Wicked!!! Was rooting for Novak Djokovic but oh well he got sick and lost his match =(..  I’m so gonna get tennis withdrawal syndrome now. After days and days of tennis on tele, and now its over! Booooo

Going off to drown in sorrow now..



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