Out of darkness and into light

February 1, 2010 at 10:03 AM (Rambles)

Ok guys!!! I swear my hibernation process is done and over with!!

Finally finished writing and now burying my head in editing.. How lovely!! Definately looking forward to it.. But my poor poor eyes are getting blurry by the minute!! I will not exagerate and say that my eyes ate getting blurry by the second because then it would mean that I’m on my way to partial blindness!!!

I’ve got so much to tell that eveything is fuzzying up my brains causing me to deal with thousands of scattered thoughts roaming my brains to be heard!! Okay hold on it is wise I write down my ideas. Who knows could be a good fit for the next book =) !!!

Been so busy packing it is not funny at all. Apart from the boring hot and cool days of packing and getting things sorted out, I’ve done some wicked stuff too!!! Check it out… I shall upload the video here for ya all to see.

The Awesome JBS
Uploaded by sweetmisery15. – Click for more funny videos.

In case you were wondering, it is made out of bread, butter and the secret ingredient – nachos!!! Click on it… I found this amazing nachos website where it is all things nachos related.. Recipes and heaps of stuff.. Wicked!!!

So tell me what ya guys think bout the awesome JBS sandwich (pronounced Jerbs)… Will definitely leave you salivating for more =) Blooming epic stuff !!!

I will upload cool pictures in my next post… I will leave you this video for your entertainment..

Toodles!!! Xxxxx


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