Helooooo bright and shiny people

March 19, 2010 at 8:32 PM (Rambles)

Hey my virtual friends. I think I’ve now learnt my lesson on not making false promises. Been telling people how I will update my blog constantly but just look at how dead it is??

Anyway, well I’m out and working now. My days so full and packed with meetings, work and what not’s. My life is kind of interesting now but at the same time tiring too. I’m meeting so many new people and witnessing so many issues firsthand. It is amazing how a government really works. It is just mind-boggling to be the center of it all. Anyway I will not talk about work because some things are just best kept internally.

On another note, I’m meeting heaps of interesting people! =) Some touched me, some makes me sad, some frustrating to deal with and a few amusing ones… The past few days was an emotional wreck for me. I will not go into details because well the past is the past eh? I shall repress it all.

Hmmm, well I’m trying to get a book published. Trust me it is pure hard work. Just recently did I get an editor to edit my novel to make it word perfect and I’m just so so excited with it all. It is interesting to read the edited versions. Somehow sounding more professional. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get an agent once the manuscript is completely edited. Oh how fun it is to feel and see your name as an author printed on the cover of a book!!!

I’m kind of brain dead right now. Been on the phone, writing letters, listening to sad complaints and stories, it is a wonder why I’m not emotionally wrecked after all this. But, all is well because I get to help people! =) Anyway I got to sign off now. I promise for a more cheery post to come. If only blogging can be as simple as tweeting. I swear I could just copy and past all my tweets on this blog and turn it into a post.

I have a secret to tell, but for now it is best kept in my heart. For the truth might confuse things. Make things difficult or even make me sway. Hmmmm i might just put that few sentences in my new book. Does it sound like an interesting start of a book which makes you want to read more? Well I’m convinced it is…. My one dream is to one day see strangers everywhere reading the book I wrote and getting hooked and drawn to it… Then my dream would be finally realized! =)



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