Lady Grey Tea???

March 26, 2010 at 7:18 PM (Rambles)

So I was having buffet lunch over at Sheraton Imperial KL last Saturday and the funniest thing happened. Sitting right beside my table were two ladies having buffet as well. One of them beckons a waiter over and asks, “excuse me can I please have lady grey tea?”

In the midst of me munching my food, I looked up at her in disbelief, thinking to myself what the hell is lady grey tea? I then looked over at my aunt who was facing me and we just lost it. We tried not to laugh but it was just too funny as the lady stressed that she wants lady grey tea (in a weird forced accent), despite the waiter telling her there isn’t any. The waiter then corrected her and said they have Earl Grey tea but no lady grey. Well anyway, she just amuses me especially when her and her friend started talking about twilight saga. Both haven’t read the whole saga and yet spoke like they knew the story. One of them even called the werewolf Jacob Black- Jack Black!! Tempted as I was to tell her that Jack Black is indeed an actor and not a werewolf, i stopped myself for many reasons.

Anyway, lately I have been having weird tummy cramps and headaches. Pain killers are my new found best friend. Pushing that thought aside, how do you cope with emotions, especially when they affect u so very deeply? I feel like venturing into writing a book about emotions and feelings, but I doubt it will even make it into the list of readable books. My current novel is undergoing editing as I have mentioned in my prior post. I can’t help but feel exceptionally excited with what I’m currently going through with my novel. My hope is for people out there to not only read, but also get sucked into my world of words. =) Book two is currently undergoing the writing progress. I’m trying to drown myself in inspiration so that I can write, write and never stop!

So yesterday I was in Subang Parade to wait for a friend for dinner and conveniently I walked (as if on auto pilot) straight into MPH. My brains were not even telling me where to go, where to turn but I just walked, as though i’m being commanded, like a robot. Well, needless to say that I bought books! Yes the very book I have been searching high and low for. The book is titled ‘Metamorphosis’ by Frankz Kafka. Blooming awesome book indeed. Though a little disturbing but a highly recommended read. I too bought another book, the book I have been waiting a few years to buy ‘Slawter’ by Darren Shan. Been following his series of books for god knows how long and after the long hibernation period, I’m now absorbed into his horror filled world once more.

I have been desperately wanting to go to Borders!! I need to go there. I need to be in there for some apparent reason what I don’t even know why to, but all I know is I have to be there pronto!!! Please Please guide me to Borders!! Anyway got to go now.. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!



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