Do you believe in coincidences?

March 29, 2010 at 4:51 PM (Rambles)

Yesterday was a tiring day indeed. Set alarm to 4.15am, woke up when the phone rang, hit the snooze button and went back to sleep again. Waking up later to get changed to go to the cemetery.

Sky was still dark and gloomy but cool. However, cars were already piling up in a never ending queue leading to the cemetery. If I were a foreigner, a tourist who so happens to be there at that time of the morning, I would have thought that the queue perhaps leads to a shopping center. Some people dressed to kill just to clean the burial grounds. It is just plain absurd.

Anyway all was good, I got to hold the huge torch light and hang out with my whole family. =) Though some bits were a little teary but I have accepted the fact of the dead and moved on.

On another note, I miss the beach and I miss the western culture and world!! I miss souvlaki!!!  Oh boy, plus its burning hot over here. It is raining now outside, the sounds of the rain calming and soft.

Roxanne if you are reading this, I miss you babe!!! We so need to have our long laughs and talks and random craps!! I like I like I like!! (I know only you will laugh reading this part so laugh yur heart out)

So anyway, I’m so glad I finished editing my novel and so now I can send the remanding chapters of it to my editor. Things are looking farely good, novel is finally getting pieced together word perfect. Reads easier now plus the flow is good. I will have to read the whole thing again for the hundredth time once the whole thing is done up to see what else needs to be done. I will need volunteer readers too to help me proofread it.

Working on my second book now, got some random ideas from my friend who I spoke to yesterday. Coincidentally we both did the same thing on the same day ( will have to verify if its the same time too). Anyway we were both playing with torch lights and pretending to be the police pulling cars over by the side of the road.

Me: guess what I did just now?

Sam: what?

Me: I had fun playing with torch lights at the cemetery earlier.

Sam: Me too. I played with my friends torchlight.

Me: then guess what I did? I pretended to be police and asked my cousins for their IC.

Sam: I did that too, to my friend.

Conversation went on and on and we soon learnt that we did the same things… Hmmm however, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Which leads me to thinking if everything that happens is a coincidence or not? *Sam if you are reading this, I’m not plagiarizing… * For now, my inspiration is kicking back in and if all goes well with the first novel, a second one will sure to be on the way. Fingers and toes crossed for it all to come true!!

Can’t wait for work to be over just so I can feast on bowls of asam laksa. Although I had it yesterday, I’m still craving for more and it is calling out to me. Too tempting to ignore, thus I will just surrender and submerge myself into the pool of asam laksa. Damn drooling just thinking about it =p.

Rain is getting heavier outside. My cousin Roxy asked me to watch a youtube video yesterday titled ‘the best of borat’ And watched it I did only to erupt in laughter with her on Skype. We were watching while on the line to each other. Such fun times indeed. Okay got to run!!



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