You’re every line, you’re every word, coz you’re my everything…

April 7, 2010 at 8:15 PM (Rambles)

Bonjour… Guess what happened to silly me today? I walked right smack into a sliding glass door. WHAM! Well that sure teaches me for reading whilst walking. Hurts like hell though… Even so, some people can still laugh at others misfortunes. What a sadist!! humph…

And in this crazeee life.. and through this crazeee times… its you its you… you make me sing… you’re every line… you’re every word… you’re everything… So La… la.. la… la.. la.. la.. la’

How awesomely cute is that song by Michael Buble – Everything!!!!! Just makes me smile =)

Can’t believe i’m getting addicted to this song again after not hearing it for ages. AAHHHh just love Michael Buble’s voice and songs.. So so sweet and heartwarming… Song is stuck in my head now..

I miss this insanely adorable wacko doggie!!! Just wanna cuddle her now. Might just take away my tummy pains >.< How smart of me to not put pain pills into my handbag?? With this bloody retarded tummy of mine, who knows when or where I will be in need of them pills yeah? All I want to do right now is to roll into a ball and seep into unconsciousness…

I had this terrifying dream last night!! I woke up feeling so depressed thinking it was all real. In the dream, my novel was finally published but in a weird kind of way. In a weird way where it wasn’t published the way I imagined it to be. It was just full of crap and I got so worried that my story wouldn’t sell, because it isn’t good enough anymore. Since then, thoughts of my book failure is swimming round and round in my head. Thoughts of my book being horrible is constantly ringing in my ears. When oh when will I have enough confidence and faith that I have written an awesome book that people will love. Well, that question will remain unanswered for god knows how long.

How I miss going to the beach. Miss listening to the sound of waves slapping onto the rocks and sand. Miss the sea breeze caressing my face. Where will I be able to find incredibly beautiful and peaceful beaches here? How awesome it would be to just lie down on the sand and read or write, to have a picnic or maybe some ice cream. mmmm dreams….. Was watching couple’s retreat yesterday and was just overwhelmed and in love with the island.. Just so beautiful.. No words can describe it. If i’m not mistaken it is Bora Bora Island. It is one of the top five places on my ‘list of places to go’ to go to!!!

Gosh I’m in need of some coffee now…. I think I’ve been coffee deprived ever since my return to Malaysia. How can this be? No wonder I’ve been feeling lethargic and tired all this while. My source of coffee is not there!!!! Speaking of coffee, have you guys ever seen a four tone coloured coffee?? Here lemme enlighten your pretty little eyes..

YUMMM!!!! Just looking at it is making me salivate and crave for some of it…. I’m so gonna make myself a huge mug of coffee when I get back later..  Mmmmm



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