Run and Run and Never Stop

April 11, 2010 at 2:32 PM (Rambles)

Have you ever had the urge to just dropping everything which is making u feel sad, mad, conflicted, worried or frustrated and just run. Run and run further and further away, praying and hoping that those emotions won’t catch up. Sometimes running feels like the answer. Sometimes running just seems so natural and easy. Sometimes life just gets too hard. Sometimes you just want to stop, give up and start running.

There are just so much going around in my mind right now that I can’t settle. I can’t settle and the only way I know how is to run away with words. Words have always been my solace. The one thing which comforts me. I can’t comprehend whats wrong with me. I hate feeling the way I do. It is just a mixture of emotions waiting to explode. Why does life always tend to creep up on you when you lest expect it too? Why can’t life just be easy, simply and carefree, just like how it used to when we were children. Ignorant and full of joy. I lie awake at night, sorthing out things racing in my mind. Somehow, the same things just comes back and bites me at the back of the head.

Well in time I will just learn to deal. In time I will look back and think how silly I was for it can be solved just like that. I will then laugh at my own sillyness. But for now, for now all I can do best is just to write. Write my heart and soul out. Sit in silence and just write. Surrender myself to the peaceful yet eerie silence surrounding me, enabling my thoughts to ring loud and clear in my mind. Loud enough so I will not be given the chance to just sohve it aside but to face it.

In a weird way, I’m glad I’m feeling the way I do. I’m glad because I am writing again. And that is an extremely good thing. But feeling the way I do right now is the worst thing ever.


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