The pen is mightier than the sword

April 16, 2010 at 8:47 PM (Rambles)

Hola!! How’s everyone doing??? Having an awesome day I hope?? Well why shouldn’t you? It is a Fuh-Ry-Day!! Go chill and have fun before Monday comes and the madness begins all over again…

Speaking off, don’t you just love the nights which then drags on till the wee hours of the morning which is also called dawn? I reckon it is the most peaceful and perfect time of day. It is the time where everything is quite and at ease. The stillness of the night just makes you calm and smile. The quiet makes you close your eyes and savor the little things in life that you missed during the day, giving you goosebumps all over your body, your skin tingling from head to foot. Mmmmm

Anyway, today is another day at work, and randomly my workmate asked me if I knew what my name ‘BRENDA’ meant. To be honest, I don’t go round looking for the meaning of my name, but I do remember my cousin telling me once that it meant shining sword.

At that point in time when my cousin told me that, I can remember thinking twice about my name. Firstly, I’m not violent or vicious. I’m also neither forceful nor strong. Secondly, it only makes my name sound so manly. So today when I told them what my name meant, my other workmate smiled n said that my name suits me perfectly well. He said your pen is your sword. He said that my pen is mightier than the sword!! The pen which writes and brings together all the wonderful words in the world which will ultimately fill pages and pages of books! So today I discovered something. Today I discovered that things are not always quite what it seems. There are always many sides to everything, you just need to pick and understand it from the right angle. Thus, every wrong can be a right, you just need to look at things with an open mind.

Anyway, yesterday I had a wicked looong day out! It was both relaxing and fun. Though tiring, I still hope that everyday could be like the one I had yesterday. In this world we are now in, it is just hard to chill, forget worries and wrap yourself in a little bubble called ignorance. Sometimes I wished that that day would never end and that it will go on and on. Sadly, every beginning ultimately has an ending. But whats not to say that every ending will have a new beginning too. A new beginning full of surprises, fun, hope and dreams waiting to be unraveled and made into a blissful memory.

Well, for now lets all just smile at the end of every chapter in life shall we? For the smile will help us belief and create the fact that new beginnings are not all that bad after all! = )

*Yawn* I’m feeling a lil tired. Tummy pains are no longer there, but there is a weird red blotch on my back which kinda hurts. Well I think I was the cause of that pain, but no worries, it will go in time.

I will upload pictures in my next post *it’s a promise* plus shocking stories about dung beetles.. Urghh the horrors just thinking about it. Now i understand why the character in the book Metamorphosis got so freaked out when she saw the dung beetle (which is her brother). GOSH it is shockingly horrible and scary beyond words. I swear I almost collapsed due to a heart attack caused by the multiple insects and huge beetles!

Love Xxxx


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  1. rawrrrrrr said,

    Jeff Finkelstein approves of this post.
    -Jeff Finkelstin

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