Can’t … Breathe … Choking … Hyperventilating …

May 19, 2010 at 4:30 PM (Rambles)

*Green Green*



Thank you Pandora for getting this thing stuck in my head! JOY!! First things first … I need to get myself a huge huge dose of Catherine Tate!!!! PuhLeassee … Secondly, I need my psycho maniac insane laughter buddy to be here like RIGHT NOW!!! Thirdly … Choking on laughter is never a nice thing to feel… You hyperventilate and you sorta do a lil weird gag… but anywhoo choking and hyperventilating on laughter is always more fun when there is someone right beside you experiencing the same thing!! You can probably even thump them on their backs or arms or grab them or smtg..

Barney: It’s gonna be legendary… I said it’s gonna be legend … Wait for it, you people better not be lactose intolerant because its gonna be dairy… legendairy…

Currently having the theme song to How I Met Your Mother stuck inside my head. I’m currently beaming and looking like a total loon!! How epic is that comedy sit-com??? Reminds me of the time when I watched the marathon of Friends non-stop, howling with laughter all the way!!

So apart from laughing and smiling at random like a loon, I think I’m going to turn in to a yoga freak. Can you imagine that I crave for yoga, I crave to feel uncomfortable, feel the pain of stretching and it only drives me to stretch further to feel even more pain and numbness. Don’t know why but it feels so darn comforting!! Plus, I need a jogging partner!! So bored running alone, without someone to talk to!! I wish I could let go and run so fast that my legs would give way and I surrender and fall. I wonder how that rush would feel? The rush of running yourself into oblivion, and the scared feeling you get the split second before you crumble and fall to the tar paved road. Then once you fall, you feel relieve as you embrace the ground. You realize that you didn’t even scream due to the shock you were in right before the fall. You just choke despite the want in you to let out a holler of help!

Just realized I tend to mumble a lot… Not a good thing. Anyway, I have a sudden inkling to take charge of smtg, smtg important that will change the life of others. Thoughts swirling round in my head, popping up random ideas that sound so amazing making me just wanna put it into motion right now. This adrenalin rush, this tingling sensation gives me warmth that tells me ‘you know what? You are meant to do this. You are meant to go out there and make a mark for yourself in this world.’ Thus, first thing I will do at work today is share my ideas and proposal with my boss and friend, to get some perspective and help. I’m so driven with determination right now that I don’t want to just stop at one proposal. I want to do more, more projects and events to help people in need.

Anyway, will update more about the projects and stuff I’ve been busy doing when I actually have more details. Going to be an interesting few months indeed!! Gotta go brainstorm!!

Lurves Xxx


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