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May 21, 2010 at 12:54 PM (Rambles)

Quote of the day:

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.” Katherine Hepburn

Currently playing on itunes – Moon River, Last Day of June – Finn, Brace Yourself  – Howie Day, Are You Lightning? – Nada Surf, Hungry – Ben Lee

So today is finally Friday. The last day of the week, the day where everyone makes a big whoo haa about. But seriously people, the arrival of Friday only means that another Monday is inching that much closer. So shouldn’t people be excited that it is a Monday instead and maybe start the countdown to Friday? Imagine people getting all pumped up and excited, counting down the days till Friday even though it is a shitty day at work, school, uni or whatever nots. Mmmm okay my mind is slowly reeling to funny advertisements especially the silly Thailand avertisements with over exaggerated facial expressions and movements. Okay… should … stop … now!!

Yesterday was a bugs life for me. Early in the morning, as I was out for exercise (yoga) at the park, I was stalked by a bee. There I was stretching the poses out, minding my own business when out of no where a buzzing sound sounded in my ears. Obviously, my first reaction would be to whack it off with my hands, which I did almost instantly out of fear resulting in my lost of balance and almost fell over. Then repositioning myself, thinking I’m in the clear, the bee buzzed back again. I swished it away … no avail, walked away … no avail, moved around … no avail. Giving up mainly due to fear, I went home. What a bummer to not stay through the whole thing!! Wow I’m currently getting emotional.. thanks to the random shuffle of songs.

So that was the start of the day. The end of the day however, another bug which I absolutely hate due to the extremity of my fear for it showed up in front of me. There I was at office, walking down the stairs and right in front of me, I saw a … wait for it … GINORMOUS COCKROACH!! walking down the stairs too a few steps ahead of me. On instinct, I froze, not daring to move forward, for many obvious reasons … This was the conversation that hence followed:

Friend 1: (Well was on the phone, didn’t say much but just stared at me coz I froze in the midst of walking down stairs) made head gestures wondering whats wrong.

Me: Cockroach in front. pointed finger and made gestures to him to walk ahead

Friend 2: coming from behind me and clearly can’t see what is happening. Brenda are you alright?

Me: There is a cockroach in front. Beware Tried best to warn them of the severity of it.

Friend 2: Oh Brenda you just stepped on it!!

Me: Turns around in disgust and fear OH!!

Cockroach lies dead on the ground. RIP!! Epic start and end of the day!

OMG see how many songs actually played and I’m still here blogging. Well to be fair, I got distracted like every few minutes. Phone, Msn, Dad, etc.

Another story I found funny that I promised my friend I would blog about ‘two days ago’.. Whoopsies… Conversation as follows is not exactly accurate, written as only how my memory would serve.

Him: Have you ever played cranium?

Me: No but I’ve heard of it.

Him: Okay, I was playing with my friends and something funny happened.

(He explains the game where the card gives you a word, eg. RED and you and your team mates have to individually come up with three words that relates to red: apple, blood, elmo. Then at least one word has to appear in at least three team mates list)

Him: So one of the word was honeymoon. Can you come up with three words?

Me:  Hmmm travel, newlywed, sex.

Him: ROFL you know what the girl (Malay) don’t mean to be racist, answered?

Me: What?

Him: sex, bed, sex.

Me: LOL how come?

Him: She claims she doesn’t know any words relating to honeymoon. Even her other team mates can’t answer.

I need to get myself a Cranium board game!!!! Mmmm Imagine a games room, filled with board games and a special cushy cozy place to sit around and play games with friends. How fun!! Then again I want to get myself a theatre room, music room and most definately a library in the house too. So where should my bedroom go then?? Library? Sounds awesome… Or I should just work towards a huge house =) Yes that would be more practical. Okay got to be off now to work towards my dream home =)

Big big hugs all round!! Xxx


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