Jardin Secret

June 7, 2010 at 2:43 AM (Rambles)

Joke of the day:

(Arthur and another knight are on a horse riding towards each other with wooden spear like weapons and Arthur knocks the knight off the horse with a clang. Stops and Merlin comes towards him offering his thoughts as below.)

Merlin: That has got to hurt!

Arthur: That’s the point Merlin … It is not a pillow fight!!

Okay I know some people won’t get it, but well it cracked me up so deal =) I think that is too much of Merlin for me. Consequence of How I Met Your Mother withdrawal syndrome.

Totally random … who knew that listening in on a conversation between my dad, uncle and aunt would affect me so much making me wish I didn’t hear it at all. Not a choice though it seems as I was sitting right smack in the middle of them on the sofa in front of the TV watching Man Vs Wild!! Awesome programme by the way. I think the guy is insanely wickedly gutsy. Eats just about anything in the wild and does abnormaly brave stuff. Just mindblowingly incredible. Anyway the show was going on, I was joking with my cousin about banana skins and how you don’t fall even if there were a hundred of them laid down on the floor. (Saw it on Myth Busters once and they did this experiment. No the man didn’t fall just lost balance)

As I was saying, my dad started telling them how he found this huge lizard on the road with the head chopped off. I think it’s called a monitor lizard? I don’t know what you call them, getting shivers just thinking about it. It is really huge btw, a few feet long. The first time I saw it was at the side of my house, I saw it’s tail slitthering into hiding and for a moment I thought it was a snake and I ran for it screaming. Mum went to check and said all was clear. Next thing I knew dad said it died on the road with head gone. At that moment I felt so bad. Why did it have to die though? Should have just had the chance to go back where it came from. So as I was pondering that fact of how afraid I was of it and now it is dead, my dad brought up another story. Long ago, his friend spotted that type of lizard in the drain outside his house. He dragged it out by it’s tail, pulled it out and swished it left and right, knocking it against the wall to break all it’s bones.  Obviously it worked and that poor poor lizard is hurt beyond belief and paralized. How awful to do such a thing? How terribly cruel to do that to a living organism? I mean come on, imagine someone broke all your bones and left you paralyzed? Is that fair? That poor helpless lizard, though disgusting but still what gives us the right to do inhumane stuff upon another living organism? I was broken after that story. Don’t know why but my mind raced back to the fishing trip I had and in order for the fish to die, we had to whack it’s head before we can unhook the hook off it’s mouth. Next thing I knew, the man in the show Man vs Wild was trying to eat an earth worm. Before eating the worm, lemme enlighten you on what he did with it first. He picked it up, squeezed it in a downward motion from head to tail a few times to get all it’s poo out. Goodness, can you imagine how much pain that worm would have been in? I mean imagine a giant picked you up, squeezed you like that till you poo-ed? Urghhh shudders just thinking about it.

Moving on with that disturbing bit of information … Jardin Secret … Always loved that song by Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden! Was reading a book and came across the reference to that song and it just struck me how beautiful it is.

“Write what’s up there,” she pointed at her temple, “and what’s in there,” she pointed at her heart. “As a great man once called it ‘A Secret Garden’. We’ve all got one of those.”

Well I shall let you ponder upon that as it’s so beautiful even to be analyzed. Everyone has a secret garden full of secrets waiting to be unlocked. It is up to us who we want to unlock our secret garden to. For everyone, the other special someone will be the luckiest person on earth.

Another book I read, I came across this:

“Love is not a Science. Love is not a ‘because’ but love is a ‘no matter what’.”

Oh how noble and romantic to utter such words. You can never compare love to the experiments and conclusions of science because Love is not one answer but many different answers depending on how you tackle it. Also I believe there should be no reasons when it comes to love. Ask youself this: ‘I love him/her/you because….’ Well the day that you realise you can’t find an answer to why you love that person, hold on to him/her and never let go because he/she is the one. You will then realize you love him/her despite and no matter what. There is no reasons as to why you love someone is there now? It is not science, it is not black or white, it is sacred, colourful like a rainbow, warm on a winters day and always flowing like a river that is never ending. That’s when you find love. That unreplaceble thing that will be there no matter what!!

Hugssies to all my lovely friends out there who never fails to be there for me every step of the way!!


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