Guys and Tranny’s?

June 10, 2010 at 12:46 PM (Rambles)

Top of the morning to my lovely friends…

I know it is kinda old news but can’t deny the fact that now looks top acting??? What has the skill and talent of acting come to these days??

Got this off of Perez Hilton’s blog.  Hence all the scribbles on the picture. Click on the link there and read the comments on this matter. Kinda hillarious actually most of them. But seriously, all it takes for a girl to act in a Michael Bay’s film is just looks and how well you can pose to look sexy. Oh well, guys are going to have a fit about this replacement. But then again it is not like Megan Fox can act in the first place. Transformers 3?? Not having high hopes on it now, better have a killer script and movie plot to keep fans happy.

By the way the girl replacing Megan Fox is Victoria Secret’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Told my friend about this change and conclusion that came out of the conversation was that Megan Fox was never liked in the first place and Rosie might be a new change. Anyway I can’t stop thinking of Megan as a tranny after all the rumours on the internet. Is it true though? She sure looks like one though.

A: Do you believe she is a tranny?

B: *bursts out laughing* she sure looks like one though.

A: *bursts out laughing too* yes she sure looks like one but don’t think she is.

B: Yes guys are obsessed with her.

A: Well guys are into tranny’s

*more laughter follows*

Hmmm so anyway, I’ve completed two seasons of Merlin which by the way is too short to be called a season. Only 13 episode per season? How sad =( Now moving on to Chuck. Having super high expectations of it due to the popularity and the supposed hillarity my friends told me about the series. Well only one way to find out … watch it! =)

Good news that I’m now back to complete writing mode once again, thought I’m finding it hard to find time to sit and properly write uninterupted. Wish I could just go to a coffee place or something to sit, drink coffee and get inspired. Well the beach or park will be the perfect first option, but lets face it, here the only thing that will come out of that choice if I were to follow through is that:

  1. Burnt by the sun
  2. Get all angst, grumpy and frustrated (Heat)
  3. Laptop dying on me in the first hour or maybe more
  4. No peace but more disturbance
  5. Too far
  6. No nice beaches and parks near by

Hence, where do I go? OMG look at the time??? I have somewhere I need to be and pronto…

See ya … wouldn’t wanna be ya…



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