Le Cygne

October 16, 2010 at 3:40 PM (Rambles)

I’ve just finished penning down an article for an event held by the hospice center (a cancer care center for patients). It was a musical night where there were off course performances; dance, violin, piano and vocals. Glad that I’ve finally sat myself down to write it on top of all the pilled up outstanding writing that needs to be done.

So, as promised, I’ve indeed been learning the song Le Cygne which is French for The Swan. The song is just so so beautiful, magnifique, listening to it brings a sense of calm and tear to my eye. Well fingers crossed I would be able to one day play it and move hearts, touch them.

I’ve been really inspired to write lately, and I find myself jumping from one book to the other which is not good, but helps clears writers block. The other day I was visiting at my Niece’s place and to my surprise, she got a fighting fish as a pet. Reason it being that it is the easiest fish to look after as it requires no gas pump or the huge aquarium jizz. All it needs is a fish bowl, water and the occasional feeding time. Well to clear things up, you should firstly know that my niece is four years old. Reason why I’m telling you this is simply because the next line would sound totally weird. She named her pet fish Frabarbie. First reflex that hit was laughter, uncontrollable non-stop laughter. The good thing about laughing in front of a four year old is that firstly you would not offend her  because she will start laughing along and secondly if she asks why am I laughing, you could totally just make a story up and she would believe you. Thing is kids look up to adults and think that every time they laugh it is because of something ticklish and all thoughts are forgotten as they start laughing too. So when I burst out laughing from the accentuation of the name, she looks puzzling at me and a few seconds later a smile comes onto her face. “Why are you laughing?” she asks in between chuckles. “Your fish is so funny!” I replied. “Why is Frabarbie funny?” I laugh even harder and for a moment I was lost for words. Why would her fish be funny? It is not the fish that is funny but its the name. “No your fish is not funny, your fish is so cute and clever.” I said and hurriedly bombarded her with a million questions about her fish to distract her. It worked obviously because she is four and excited about her fish and all she would want to talk about is her fish.

Anyway I never would have trusted her to come up with a name like Frabarbie. It just reminds me of how creative and imaginative kids can be. I remember that I used to be like her, making up  the most ridiculous names thinking they are the smartest most intelligent words in the world. How I would write them down, make up stories which I can’t do now because of all the knowledge in me, stopping me from pushing the boundaries way over the line which says everything is possible. Ignorance sure is bliss huh? If I had that there would be a million things I would do without a care in the world. But with growing up comes responsibility and boundaries and those should be respected. Who knows maybe one day I would get back my little thoughts and put them to good use.

Better get back to my writing now, or the book will never be finished.

Xoxo, much love…


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