Living without love is not living.. It’s simply existing

March 16, 2011 at 2:38 PM (Rambles)

So a fellow once said that living without love is not living at all. You are merely existing. In ways I guess it is true, how can you claim you lived if you haven’t experienced what its like to love, feel passionate about something or to be selfless.

Thing is, we tend to always take things for granted. We tend to lose sight of whats important once we settle into our comfort zone. There is so much we would want to achieve in life, too much that sometimes we are led astray and we forget the little things in life.

A friend of mine just asked me ‘what are hobbies’ and after giving the definition of hobbies to him, he explained that he needs to write an essay on that topic for his job interview assessment. The company wants to know if hobbies are actually beneficial to ones academic success. My answer was yes it is beneficial. His was too. And now he is stuck.

I guess he has been spending way too much time in his cocoon  of comfort chasing good grades and mapping out his future. Neglecting in the process, his prime childhood inner voice. Things you wished you can do when you grow up turned into things you have to do because you are a grown up.

Saddens me.

I’ve always had deep thoughts, always thinking way too deeply  that my mum actually warned me of going into the looney palace one day if I don’t find an outlet source for my thoughts. Well I am… in more words then none.. in my writing. The only place I feel comfortable expressing my deepest darkest thoughts, all reflecting onto those innocent pages of a word document.

Funny how a few minutes chat with my friend concluded that ‘I think too much’. Just because I concluded that he was going for a drive to clear his mind.

Sometimes being single has its perks.. freedom to explore. But other darker times, you wish you weren’t and that your soul mate who knows you better than you know yourself is there with an extended ear and feather-like shoulders. Always at the ready to listen to your thoughts without judgement or comment. Just understanding and comfort.

Bisou Bisou


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