The Next Big Author

March 19, 2011 at 2:32 AM (Rambles)

The title alone is getting me inspired, excited and nervous all at the same time. Currently am in a bundle of jittery tangled up nerves. So many many thoughts and questions zooming through my confused mind now… You’ve no idea..

So it all started when I opened an email from a friend of mine telling me about this writing thingy called ‘The Next Big Author’.

Basically it is a competition where budding writers submit their masterpiece in chapters to be reviewed by best selling authors.

Tempted as I am to submit my novel, I’m currently having doubts thanks to the lil voice in me yelling ‘It’s not good enough..’ But thing is, I really want to for once push that voice away, give it a good shove in its face and put myself out there. No reservations. Just give it a try. If it isn’t good enough it isn’t. But not trying at all will definitely be a regret I will carry along with me.

Now the other question is, what should I submit? which one? What do people find interesting? What sells? So many doubts and queries swimming through my head. Fickle minded me. Worry-rat much? Well that’s me. Over thinking things despite the fact that the first step hasn’t even been taken.

Deep down I know it is time to be brave and to take risks, which without will only push my dream further and further away. Thus I will hope with all my heart that my muse will now inspire me with everything I need to write.

Adious!! Tis time to get inspired… Really really inspired..



  1. M. L. Doyle said,

    Just do it. If you’re writing to get published then you eventually just HAVE to take a chance. Take the leap!

    • sweetmisery15 said,

      Thanks for the encouragement!! Will definitely be taking the leap forward.

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