Abysmal Abyss

April 1, 2011 at 10:08 PM (Fiction, Rambles)

1st April – entry number one

An anecdote;

I often wonder if all that I see before me is just an illusion of sorts. Like I’ve been put behind a 3D veiled window and images of my everyday life embodies a strip of film rolling round and round in a huge projectile.

Every day I would peer through this peculiar window, getting excited and bored as the images switch rhythmically in tune to the music of my life, as I await my dreamer to change the roll of film. You see, I’ve been having strange notions that somehow my life is nothing but a fiction of someone’s subliminal. All part of his/her imagination as I flit and float on command; like a puppet on a string.  When I sleep at night, my dreamer awakes and explores new places for me to visit. When my dreamer sleeps, I would be resurrected and summoned to star in the dream…

Outside the veiled window, I see people.

A vast array of people with a profound uniqueness that is indescribably beautiful but also flawed. Beneath their beautiful façade of cheery smiles and spontaneous laughter, lies a layer of emotional baggage. Peering closer into the depths by breaking through personal boundaries I see sadness lurking in the corner, lots of regret, mixed signals of anger and hatred, a little failure here and there but the one that triumph’s them all; heartache.

I pull back and feel an instant pang of sadness and pity. All those empathetic souls moving about their everyday lives which they carelessly label as reality, while in veracity trapped inside their very own emotional fortress; blind to all the beauty and love surrounding them. I cannot bear to look any further. No one cares. No one stops to look, comfort or help. No one’s got time anymore for all the little things in life. Everyone’s shutting everyone out.

What happened to ignorance? What happened to the little things that make you smile? I shout and bang my hands angrily on the window, but to no avail.

They can’t hear me.

Nobody can.

I turn and crouch down on the floor, hugging my knees tight to my chest as I start to feel trickles of warm tears glide down my cheeks. Rocking back and forth on the cold floor, I make up my mind never to let darkness in. Hurts too much. I’m trapping myself in behind this veiled window. Trapping myself in, bringing with me only a pen and paper; nothing more, nothing less…

Time is a strange thing behind this veiled window. It doesn’t always tick in time to heartbeats nor does it tick at all sometimes. It freezes, like a pendulum stuck in midair. Or like sand in sandglasses put to rest. I can’t really tell time in here for sometimes hours may only be minutes in reality.

But it’s dark outside now.

I know so because I can feel myself getting weaker, as my eyelids start to droop in heaviness. It’s time for me to sleep now as I can feel my dreamer anxious to rise in the other world.

I shall write my last sentence, put away my pen and paper and keep it safe for when tomorrow comes…

(A short excerpt from a short story I’ve written. Enjoy and do leave comments on it!)

With that I shall leave, for we will stumble upon one another with feverish haste again.



  1. Arlee Bird said,

    Interesting start. Sounds like a person (or creature) in a very strange situation. It was well described.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  2. TS Hendrik said,

    I loved this post. The writing is very graceful.

    • sweetmisery15 said,

      Thanks! Glad you did =)

  3. Shannon Lawrence said,

    I like the story snippet! Intriguing. I read down and saw the thing about the Next Great Author and just wanted to say I’m debating on entering something similar here in Colorado. It’s hard to take that step. Good luck with the writing and with the blogging challenge!

    • sweetmisery15 said,

      Thanks! Yes it is hard indeed to take the next step especially when your inner most writing thoughts are going to be out there to be judged. But if the first step is never taken many people might miss out on reading your work!! Good luck with the competition in Colorado!

  4. teemortai said,

    Now you got me wanting to read your short story in full! Great start, Bren! See you at the finish line! =D

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