Heartfelt Hymn

April 9, 2011 at 8:02 AM (Poetry, Rambles)

9th April; Entry no. 8

A poem – From a boy to his mysterious girl …

Dear …

I saw a butterfly today,

Fluttering beautifully past my way,

Its wings so bright and colorful,

There I stood; my gaze ever so faithful,

It flitted and rested on a blue rose petal,

Its mysterious paucity wouldn’t let me settle,

I know my actions would be impossible,

For capturing this is simply inevitable,

Many predators are now glimpsing her way,

Gaze any longer and I shall slay,

Her pureness and exquisiteness I shall preserve,

For all the less worthy souls do not deserve,

One glimpse and I shall never bear to depart,

For no other splendor in the world could ever flame my heart.

I hope you like the poem I wrote. It’s not much but that is how much you mean to me … and I don’t even know you yet. You are my exquisite butterfly, and you are the mysterious blue rose that fills up my secret garden of imagination. A blue rose so mysterious and impossible to find, just as impossible and mysterious as you. You will give me a mysterious feeling I will soon know to be love …

Till we meet … My love …

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