Je t’aime, James

April 12, 2011 at 11:54 PM (Fiction, Rambles)

12th April; Entry no. 10

An unfinished chapter

A single rose petal falls, stopping her in mid-step. She stares down at it in awe, wondering how it came about. She bends to pick it up, a perfectly smooth blood red petal, tickling her nostrils as she inhales the sweet scent.

She looks up to continue her walk, but shivers run down her spine. It grips her heart giving her goosebumps, tingling her through. She stares into a pair of piercing brown eyes, so familiar yet not. She reckons she knows the rhythm of his heart, yet somehow he feels estranged.

She knows him from somewhere,  a lost love kept close at heart. He is walking towards her; she tries to run but is rooted to the ground. As he approaches, she feels an instant stab of pain knifing through her chest. Every step he takes, brings back memories of the past too painful to relive.

He kept his gaze with every steady pace, trying to send an encrypted message only she can decipher. Memories of her lost love came to mind, bringing a tear trickling down her facial line. She desires his tender caress, his loving hug, his gentle embrace. His echoey voice whispering never ending words of love, sealing it with a million butterfly kisses.

The past has finally caught up, an unfinished love story which ended abrupt. How he broke her heart is no longer a conundrum, one word is all he needs to take away her glum.

After years of anticipating, he is right here reaching. Reaching and reaching to fill the void with many words left unsaid. Finally he stops, just a feet away from her. Just close enough… but not too close for comfort. He hands her a single red rose, a note tied with a string to the stem.

She takes it with shaky hands, slowly moving her eyes towards the note. She reads it, a smile forming on her face, a tear streaking down her cheek. She rereads the one word which is sending her heart aflutter. Je t’aime… Je t’aime… Je t’aime…

With a sharp intake of breath she is jolted awake, sitting up right on her bed with warmth coursing through her veins. It was just a dream, she thought to herself. She laid back down disappointed and heartbroken. She turned onto her side, her heart starts hammering again. For there on the pillow lies a single red rose, a note tied to the stem. 

She reaches for it, hands trembling, stomach churning. She reads the note and this time her heart soars free. First note with one word, second note reads two; 

Je t’aime, James.



  1. Jerry said,

    Nicely written! The whole bittersweet emotion that the girl feels is so well expressed in words that I feel so sorry for the girl in the story…

    • teemortai said,

      Why do you feel sorry for her?

      i find it really beautiful – the turmoil from within the heart. Longing, yearning. Brings tears, and a well of joy erupts from my heart at the end.

  2. Jeffrey Beesler said,

    I’m really glad this story did not end with the whole, it was all just a dream thing. That would be a dangerous way to end a piece written so beautifully. Thanks for sharing, and it’s a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

  3. Faith Amateur said,

    Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip.

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