Illusive Illusion

April 11, 2011 at 11:21 PM (Poetry, Rambles)

11th April; Entry no. 9

Itsy-bitsy incident;

Ilyssa is incredibly impossibly insane,

Ingesting ill-adviced inimical ibogaine,

Ilyssa’s infelicitous iatrogenesis,

Impeded Ilyssa’s intellectual intelligence.

Ilyssa’s inimitable insanity,

Introduced impugning idiotic insults,

Ignoring inveigling indignant individuals,

Ilyssa’s ibogaine intake increases immensely.

Injurious input, ill-conceived impressions,

Ill-natured individuals insult insensitively.

Ilyssa’s indifference indoctrinated ignominy,

Ill-fated Ilyssa instantly inverts inadvertently.


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Heartfelt Hymn

April 9, 2011 at 8:02 AM (Poetry, Rambles)

9th April; Entry no. 8

A poem – From a boy to his mysterious girl …

Dear …

I saw a butterfly today,

Fluttering beautifully past my way,

Its wings so bright and colorful,

There I stood; my gaze ever so faithful,

It flitted and rested on a blue rose petal,

Its mysterious paucity wouldn’t let me settle,

I know my actions would be impossible,

For capturing this is simply inevitable,

Many predators are now glimpsing her way,

Gaze any longer and I shall slay,

Her pureness and exquisiteness I shall preserve,

For all the less worthy souls do not deserve,

One glimpse and I shall never bear to depart,

For no other splendor in the world could ever flame my heart.

I hope you like the poem I wrote. It’s not much but that is how much you mean to me … and I don’t even know you yet. You are my exquisite butterfly, and you are the mysterious blue rose that fills up my secret garden of imagination. A blue rose so mysterious and impossible to find, just as impossible and mysterious as you. You will give me a mysterious feeling I will soon know to be love …

Till we meet … My love …

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Forlorn Fervor

April 7, 2011 at 11:45 PM (Poetry, Rambles)

7th April; Entry no. 6

A poem of a woebegone soul;

Tears streaming down my cheek,
I’m falling, I’m screaming,
It’s comfort that I seek,
I’m crying in vain,
My throats in pain,
Why won’t you stop this charade,
Its driving me insane.

I’m doing the best I can,
Trying to give you a hand,
But why isn’t it enough,
You just make it all so tough.

I feel so small, I feel so dumb,
Trudging with this pain through the years,
Has left me feeling nothing but numb.

You’ve never been proud of me,
But you’ve always been there for me,
I’ve always wanted to make you see,
How I only want to be no one else but me.

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Bitzy Beguiled

April 2, 2011 at 11:56 PM (Poetry, Rambles)

2nd April – Entry no.2

A Poem – A girl named Bitzy

Bitzy’s Bleak Bubble,

Ballooning Boundarilessly,

Bordering Beneath Brambles,

Bolstered Between Branches.


Bearing, Brooding, Bewildering,

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger,

Browbeating Bit By Bit,




Bleak Bubble Blasted,

Bitzy Befriends Brownie,

Bumbling Bewitching Brownie,

Bitzy’s Baby Bichon.


Bleakness Buried,

Brownie Bespoke Bliss,

Bless Bloodless Bodied Bequeath,

Brownie Becomes Bitzy’s.


Bless Bloodless Bodies Bequeath,

Beneath Barren Beds,

Bitzy’s Beguiled,

Bemused Brownie Brought Bliss.


Bisou Bisou

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